Friday, 12 August 2011

Interfaith Fast Day

You are cordially invited to Oldham Interfaith Forum’s Annual “Interfaith Fast Day” event. This event is being held in partnership with the European Islamic Centre.

In the past people have participated in the event by fasting for just one day or part of  day (albeit from their own faith perspective). The hope is you will gain a better understanding of your Muslim neighbours and colleagues at this important time of the year.

There is an opportunity to visit a Church, Temple and a Mosque to raise our awareness of the different faith communities in Oldham and their places of worship. The evening will end with breaking of the fast and a simple shared meal.

The fast starts at 03.13 and finishes at 20.41 hours for Muslims who are bound by the Ramadan fast. They will not eat or drink anything during all this time. Please details below.

Date: Tuesday 16th August 2011
Time: 7.15pm

·     Venue: European Islamic Centre, Werneth House, 70   Manchester Road, Oldham OL8 4TD

·     Programme: Arrive at European Islamic Centre: 7.15pm

·     Visit departure times: Temple 7.25 (Minibus)

·     Church (7.25 Walk)

·     Mosque 7.25 (Walk) All 3 groups are expected to arrive back at 8.00pm

  • 8.15 Brief Presentations on Faith related Fasting 
  • Breaking of Fast 8.41pm

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